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    Waterloo, ON

    Database Developer – Group Systems

    Status: Permanent, Full-time
    Department: Information Technology
    Reports To: Supervisor Application Development, Group Systems

    Develop and maintain the database specific pieces of the BMS (Benefits Management Suite) application. This will involve writing and debugging stored procedures, views, and triggers on SQL2000 based databases. May also involve redesign of data model in conjunction with the DBA, and implementation of the changes and upgrades needed. Development must be performed with care taken to accuracy to the requirements and performance considerations in mind. Must be able to perform performance analysis and remediation activities (changes to existing code, recommendations to system level changes) to achieve optimal performance of the resulting system processes. Implements system security restrictions required by the business logic layer of the software. Must work in a 7x24 environment, and be available for oncall support.

    Requires advanced knowledge of capabilities and limitation of SQL Server 2000. Some knowledge of new capabilities and limitations of SQL Server 2005 would be an asset now, but will be required in the near future (by end of year 2007)
    Able to perform moderate Database maintenance functions including, but not limited to backup/restore, setting up maintenance plans, reindexing tables, etc…
    Requires advanced troubleshooting skills for large scale SQL Server 2000 Databases.
    Requires advanced knowledge of Transact-SQL (database development language) for the purposes of writing stored procedures, views and database triggers. Deliver appropriate documentation of all development and changes.
    Requires advanced knowledge of performance analysis/performance reconciliation processes for ensuring optimal results in performance, and multi-threaded capability.
    Microsoft MSDBA certification or certification in progress
    Knowledge of issues encountered with databases found in large scale multi-tier, multi-user environments, and how to avoid them
    Degree in Systems Development, and work experience (5+ years recommended). 10+ years relevant work experience without degree.
    Nice to have.....
    Good knowledge of Group Insurance preferred (5+ years recommended), or financial services background (7+ years recommended)
    Good interpersonal skills to work with Technical Services team, as well as Systems Programmers and BAs and BSAs, as well as business partners (will interact with many different levels of the company)
    Must be an Independent worker who works equally well in a team environment
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