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cannot open connection to analysis server 'servern

Discussion in 'Analysis Services/Data Warehousing' started by shahab03, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. shahab03 Member

    Just installed analysis services on a cluster. however when I log on to analysis manager and try to perform a registration i get following message

    errors occurred while connecting to 'servername'
    cannot open connection to analysis server 'servername'

    i am trying it on the clustered node itself. also tried from a client but doesnt work. I thought it might be because MSQLServerOlapService is not running. When I try to bring up the service I get the following error message

    'The MSSQLServerOlapService' service on local computer started and then stopped. Some Services stop automatically if you do not have any work to do, for example performance logs and alerts service'

    any idea whats happening here?
  2. ranjitjain New Member

    Are you running AS service as local system account or for particular account.
    It would be a worth trying if you set it for a particular user and not as local system account.
  3. RGKN New Member

    There is a windows user group called OLAP Administrators. Make sure that the account that runs the service is a member of this and I believe that your log on needs to be a member of it to register the server.



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