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Can't get mirroring to start - HELP!

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring' started by sql_jr, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. sql_jr New Member

    I am frustrated now, after trying to set up mirroring between to servers in diff locations. I am able to ping each others server, register each server via SSM, and control the engine as well. I did everything to set up the endpoints, backup and restore db and log with no_recovery, etc. etc.
    These servers ARE in different domains - I even tried to set up certificates, following this link: http://alan328.com/SQL2005_Database_Mirroring_Tutorial.aspx.
    When I click on start mirroring, it give me the msg: The server network address 'TCP://mymirrorserver.FQDN:5022' cannot be reached or does not exist - (yeah right!) Please advise what I could have missed!
    Big trouble if I can't get it working....[:S]
  2. MohammedU New Member

  3. sql_jr New Member

    Thx, MU. Check to all that. Firewalls OFF, endpoints started. Doc didn't help much.
    Any more ideas??
    What accounts should be running authenticating the mirroring if the domains are different.
  4. satya Moderator

    Try following:
    Ping the FQDN and ip address too.
    Telnet to the server using that 5022 port.
    Login to the server using that Port within SSMS
    If anyone of the above doesnt workout then there is a problem in the NETBIOS service on teh server, check it out.
  5. sql_jr New Member

    hi, satya. I was able to ping the FQDN and ip address both ways fine.
    My telnet session was hanging, so not sure about this. How would netbios be problem?
    You mean reg server as Server:portno via SSMS?
    Also, is it possible to do mirroring if the domains aren't trusted? BOL says: For two server instances to communicate in a database mirroring session, the login account of each instance requires access to the other instance.
    So, what are the requirements to get the accounts (domain accounts?) to access each other's instance?
    PRIMARY: serverinstance.domain.local
    MIRROR: serverinstance.domain
    Any further ideas?
  6. sql_jr New Member

    GOT IT!
    The issue in my case between two servers in non-trusted domains, was to use Certficates.
    First, I needed to use port 7024 instead of 5022, and also add all the FQDN and IPs to the host files on all nodes. Then it worked!
    Can I change db mirroring modes (automatic to manual failover), or would this require to set it up all over again.
    Also, to conduct a failover test....will I be able to failback without resetting the mirroring?
  7. satya Moderator

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