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Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Being a DBA' started by Luis Martin, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Luis Martin Moderator

    True one.

    Last Friday one of my clients call me 11:30 AM.

    Client: Luis, I need you. We have a problem. No one can reach the server. The hardware/software guy said: We have virus.

    Luis: So?. Remove them. There is not risk for Databases.

    Client: Luis, as you already know, we made 800 invoices a day, the call center are taking by hand. The guy, let call him Doe, is working since 7.00AM and we are in the same situation, and we were working since 5:00 AM until the problem.

    Luis: OK. Wait for me. (I live 20 miles away from there, crossing all downtown, rush hour all the time).

    1:00 PM.

    Luis: OK Doe, what do you have?

    Doe: No one WS can't reach the Server even with Ping. From the Server I can't reach any other WS or any other Server. Also I can't COPY or PASTE, there is nothing in My Network Places (properties), the tape backup is gone (or at least drivers), the CD/DVE also. As you know we have other small Server with SQL (same version, fix, etc., because you) but, I can't copy any backup to that server. No network, no CD/DVD, no tape and I have one 8GB pendrive but there is no room for 2 databases with 70GB databases backup. And I don't have one biggggggg pendrive, I can't COPY and PASTE. The virus killed everything!!!!!!.

    Luis: So, what is your recommendation?.

    Doe: Install fresh copy of W3k, tape backup, SQL (Job's Luis), etc. and back to the last backup (yesterday night).

    Luis: Nope. The SQL is working fine. So, I'm going to have the last backup, copy to the other server, restore it, change the call center access to the old server, same thing with traffic people and after that, we begin with new installation in the big server.

    Doe: And how you are planning to copy the backup?. Are you deaf?. With which media?. There is no chance to install an IDE disk.

    Luis: I'm 59 years old, so I'm some deaf. Let me work.

    4:00 PM.

    The call center and traffic begin to work with the old server.

    4:10 PM

    We begin with the new installation.

    Saturday, 2:00AM I went to home with the new server working (I left my invoice, of course).

    Forget Replication, log shipping, etc. There is no many for that.

    Question: What was my solution?
  2. satya Moderator

    The first option and question even though you go to MS support the answer will get is: DO YOU HAVE LAST GOOD KNOWN BACKUP?
    (to highlight I typed in capital, not to offend on tone [:)])
    So what was the last backup on the databases?
  3. Luis Martin Moderator

    The last backup was the night before.
    But, you can have a good backup from actual virus server.
    So the question is: how to copy the actual backup to the old server when paste and copy does not work, the backup database is about 70GB, no CD working (virus) no tape backup (virus) and only media is 8GB pendrive?
  4. moh_hassan20 New Member

    [quote user="Luis Martin"]So the question is: how to copy the actualbackup to the old server when paste and copy does not work, the backupdatabase is about 70GB, no CD working (virus) no tape backup (virus)and only media is 8GB pendrive?[/quote]

    1. Install winrar in the virus server (that has good backup)
    2. compress the file into units of 6 GB f1_paet1,.... f1_partn (don't say that there is not space for the compressed file on the server [;)] )
    3. run the command from Run: copy f1_part1.rar m: (m is flash pen)
    4. move pen to second server , and run copy m:*.* d:dtat ( just i assume any name for driver and directory)
    5. del files on pen
    6. repeat step 3 -5 up to copy all files to secon server
    7. decompress the files on the second server using winrar
    next day i must buy movable USB disk with 80 GB min to avoid such disaster[:)]
  5. Luis Martin Moderator

    That was the way. Exactly.
    Now why, we DBA expert, think in winrar and DOS to copy and Hardware/Software guy don't?. [:)]
  6. preethi Member

    From my experiance I have seen this: I use DOS more than the Hardware/Software guys. Especially the FOR commandMost of the HW/SW dont even know the existance of such command.

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