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Comma Seperated values to table form

Discussion in 'Contribute Your SQL Server Scripts' started by veereshnashi, Feb 23, 2006.

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    Many times Programmers pass comma separated values from Front end to Procedures and write code in the backend to get values from comma seperated. <br />This script generates the table from Comma_seperated values. Hope this help for the programmers. I as a DBA Provided this script to my developers.<br />Here is the Script.<br /><br /><br /><br />SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF <br />GO<br />SET ANSI_NULLS OFF <br />GO<br />---************************************************************************************************<br />-- AUTHOR : VEERESH V NASHI (DBA)<br />-- CREATED ON : 06-01-2006<br />-- PUROSE : GENERAL PUPROSE FUNCTION USEFULL WHEN DEVELOPER NEEDS TO <br />-- BREAK THE COMMA SEPARATED VALUES INTO TEMPORARY TABLE :<br />----USAGE<br />-- -- SELECT * FROM dbo.udf_UTL_Tockenize_Table( 'VEERESH , YUVARJA,HARI, SUJITH , MAHESH ,D')<br /><br />-- OUTPUT <br /><br />-- Tocken_ID Tocken_Value <br />-- --------- ---------------<br />-- 1 VEERESH<br />-- 2 YUVARJA<br />-- 3 HARI<br />-- 4 SUJITH<br />-- 5 MAHESH<br />-- 6 D<br /><br />-- -- SELECT * FROM @Tocken_Table<br />---************************************************************************************************<br /><br /><br />CREATE FUNCTION dbo.udf_UTL_Tockenize_Table(<br />@Comma_Value VARCHAR(8000) <br />) RETURNS @Tocken_Table TABLE(Tocken_ID INT IDENTITY,<br /> Tocken_Value VARCHAR(12<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif' alt='8)' /><br /> )<br />AS<br /><br />BEGIN<br /><br />DECLARE @Counter INT <br />DECLARE @Comma_Point INT <br />DECLARE @String_Length INT<br />DECLARE @String_Value VARCHAR(75)<br /><br />SET @Counter = 1 <br />SET @Comma_Point = 0<br />SET @String_Length = 0 <br />SET @Comma_Value = RTRIM(LTRIM(@Comma_Value)) <br />SET @String_Length = LEN(@Comma_Value)<br /><br />IF @String_Length &lt;&gt; 0 <br />BEGIN <br />SET @Comma_Value = @Comma_Value +','<br />SET @Comma_Point = CHARINDEX (',',@Comma_Value,1)<br />WHILE @Comma_Point &lt;&gt; 0<br />BEGIN<br />SET @String_Value = RTRIM(LTRIM( LEFT(@Comma_Value,@Comma_Point-1))) <br />IF LEN(@String_Value) &lt;&gt; 0 <br />INSERT @Tocken_Table VALUES (@String_Value)<br />SET @Comma_Value = SUBSTRING(@Comma_Value,@Comma_Point+1,@String_Length)<br />SET @Comma_Point = CHARINDEX (',',@Comma_Value,1)<br />END <br />END<br /><br />RETURN <br />END<br /><br /><br />GO<br />SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF <br />GO<br />SET ANSI_NULLS ON <br />GO<br /><br /><br /><br />You Store, I Manage
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