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Consultant Resume Needed (US Citizens Only)

Discussion in 'SQL Server-Related Job Postings' started by blackblade, Jan 24, 2004.

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    We are bidding an audit job. Details here:

    Contractor must have capacity to store and analyze three years of claim records comprising approximately 175 million claim lines. Also, the OIG requires remote access to contractor's data base. These records are confidential and must be securely stored and transmitted.

    Your offer must be received by 3 PM, EST, on January 29, 2004, to be considered.

    The vendor, including all employees and subcontractors, must sign a confidentiality statement. Also, the vendor must provide security assurances, including storage, transmission, and destruction of, the claims data provided by the OIG.

    The technical factors for evaluation of offerors are, in descending order of importance:

    1. Software/Hardware to adequately analyze approximately 175 million claim records.
    4. Capability to provide OIG remote access to claim data/analysis.


    Q: What is the record length for a Merck/Medco prescription claim?
    A: There is a single file for the Merck claims that contains about 25 million claim records. Each claim line is 417 characters in length.

    Q: Of the 175 million claim records, how many claims are from Merck/Medco?
    A: 25 million.

    Q: What is the record length for an Advance PCS prescription claim? How long are the claim lines? (what is the total storage space required)?
    A: There are three files of Advance PCS claim data. Each of these three files contains about 50 million claim records. Each claim line is 417 characters in length. The storage space required is 98 gigabyte.

    Q: What format is the data in? (flat, DB2, Oracle ...)?
    A: All of the files are flat files and the format for all files is a SAS dataset.

    Q: How long will the analysis and claim lines be available to off site review? (how long do we have to keep the data available to you)?
    A: As long as necessary to complete the analysis. The RFP states that all work required from the vendor should be completed within 90 days from the date the contract is awarded.

    Q: When will the issuance of the proposal occur? (what during the year do you expect the work to begin)
    A: We estimate that the work will begin within the next 90 days.

    Q: What platform will the analysis software be available for? Will anaylsis be continued on our platform and system or will it be moved to yours and if so what type?
    A: Sun Solaris 9 operating system.


    Given the above, I need a consultant who can perform the following:

    1. Import the SAS files into SQL Server
    2. Write queries as directed by the auditors. These will all be SELECTs, fairly simple, with no INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETEs.
    3. Provide me with a resume showing experience with large (approx. 100GB or more) SQL data sets, and ideally with SAS conversion experience.

    HW/SW will be provided through a hosting service such as MaximumASP or ORCSWEB. This is a consulting job with a fixed price contract, so give me your flat dollar estimate to do the conversion/data import and then provide 10-20 queries over the 90 days of the performance period. You can do this job from home.

    This is a US federal government job, so US citizens only please. Sorry about that! Contact me at Eric.Christoph@pumasystemsinc.com.

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