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Corrupted Diagrams ?

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by Chappy, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Chappy New Member

    Two of our servers have started behaving oddly with the diagramming tool in Enterprise Manager.

    Trying to create a new diagram and saving it, results in an ODBC error.
    Some existing diagrams can be opened, but any attempt to save them results in an ODBC error also. Sometimes existing diagrams cannot be opened, then just crash EM.

    We have a another server with the same edition and service pack, which is able to view and create diagrams without problems.

    On one of the database on the problematic sqlserver, I dropped dtproperties table, and tried to create a new diagram. This worked fine.

    So dtproperties has become corrupted on all database on two servers. How can this happen?
    Has anyone else had this, and if so, can they be repaired ?

    EM Diagram tool is pretty rubbish, but it turns out we have quite a few useful diagrams in there which we'd hate to lose.


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