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CPU usage is above 80%

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by suniljk7, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Dear all,
    For last few weeks my production db's CPU usage by Sqlserveris around 80-90%, am in a process to find out what is the reason for this. Iwas running sql profiler and found that "EXECUTEmsdb.dbo.sp_sqlagent_get_perf_counters" is using good amount of CPU, now i disabled all the alerts. Now again when i run sqlprofiler i could see some "exec sp_cursorfetch 180151374, 2, 1, 128"which also take some time to execute. Also i checked with sp_who2 (sort by CPU)and found that most of the CPU is used by SPID's which has the same "sp_cursoropen;1". What is thisactually and how can i overcome this.. Please guide me on this. still now theCPU usage is above 80%.
    config:- Running sql 2000 Enterprise edition on windows advanced server with clustered config (active/passive) with 4 processor and 4 GB memory
    Please consider this as urgent
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