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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by pooja28, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I created the following tables and inserted few values.create table books(bookid integer primary key, booktitle varchar(20), year integer, publisherid integer foreign key references publisher(publisherid), price integer, number integer)create table publisher(publisherid integer primary key, publishername varchar(20))create table author(authorid integer primary key, authorname varchar(20))create table bookauthor(bookid integer foreign key references books(bookid), authorid integer references author(authorid), earnings integer )create table bookreference(bookid integer foreign key references books(bookid), referencebook varchar(20), times integer)create table reviewer(reviewerid integer primary key, reviewername varchar(20))create table bookreview(bookid integer foreign key references books(bookid), reviewerid integer foreign key references reviewer(reviewerid), score integer)Now, I want to solve following query in SQL Server 2000.Find all the books published in 2003 and reviewed by both ‘Sammer Tulpule’ and ‘Hemant Mahta’ .I am not getting any idea about query. How can I write it?Thanks, Pooja
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    Is this a homework question?
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