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    Create table T1 (
    Cl varchar(100),
    Business varchar(100),
    Source varchar(100),
    Analyst varchar(100),
    Times varchar(100))

    insert into T1 values(
    insert into T1 values(

    I've SQL Server 2000 Table like this

    Cl: Business: Source: Analyst: Times:
    GE -- Analytics -- Peer -- Chayan -- Once
    AA -- Collections -- Third -- Remya -- Twice

    I want Output like this

    Cl: Business: Source: Chayan: Remya:
    GE -- Analytics -- Peer -- Once -- Nil
    AA -- Collections -- Third -- Nil -- Twice

    I seek your precious help

    Rajesh N.
  2. Madhivanan Moderator

    Read about Cross-tab Reports in sql server help file


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