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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    This afternoon I at sat a Microsoft exam so I decided to block out my calendar for the entire afternoon. I finished my exam early so I decided I would do some work from a cafe until I caught up with a friend for a beer. This is where the problem started, as for some reason my wireless data card that I use to connect to the Internet stopped working. I contacted the supplier and managed to waste two hours of my life just getting into contact with someone that could assist me. After being hung up on six times and transferred between countless departments the problem was finally resolved by the provider modifying a configuration on their side.
    I understand that issues will occur that affect the availability of a service; however, when a service is sold as a premium service with a call response of five minutes I expect a call response of five minutes. There is a saying about under-promising and over-delivering; however, one of the problems I find in the IT industry is that people are often unable to live up to their promises. Something I see time and time again is people do not keep the customer updated with what is happening. Often a simple phone call or e-mail to let customers know the status of an issue is enough to appease them, as they know that someone is working on the problem. Do you have a strategy for communication when there is an issue that you are working on?
    - Peter Ward
  2. dominique New Member

    I agree 200% with your comments 90% of the companies allow their technicians to close ticket/incident opened by an end-user. This is the source of tons of issue as the technician could do whatever he wants as he is managing the open/close ticket, this is not a good base for a customer service system- Dom -
  3. pward New Member

    I know a lot of companies are starting to implement policy that the only person that can close a ticket is the person that raised the ticket. That way they have an opportunity to verify the problem is resolved satisfactorily. Otherwise it is like the analogy of 'the insane running the asylum'.

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