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Data Tables in Client Memory for fast Access

Discussion in 'Analysis Services/Data Warehousing' started by alisalman, Dec 19, 2006.

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    We are working on an stock market application to buy and sell stock market shares. Our application working good on local network.
    We are planing to use our applicaion from dailup connection, but we getting a problem of slow performance (due to using database operation like insert/delete/update table queries, which are taking time on internet) while our application requiment is real time operation.

    We are supposing that client system does not have any access to database like sql or oracle etc. we want to create data tables in client memory so that our application read/update data from/to memory data tables (like read/update from database table) to save time without going to server database, we known that there would be requirement of loading data in clinet memory in each time the client application start or connect with server (like - we have to do synchronize all ServerData and client MemoryData at start of application).

    My question is that how can we create these memory tabels like tables in databse to query the data from memory table, or how do we load server database table data in client memory, is there any API available to create these things, or we have to create
    our own API, or any other solution for that problem. [?]


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