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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring' started by alexboy456, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Sorry about this question but I am new to SQL. I am looking at getting a SQL server to run sage 200. it will be serving 20 – 25 users. the server will be a DL385 g2 with duel Opteron 2.8ghz 8gb ram 6*72gb 15k SAS drives(2 drives raid 1+0 and the rest raid 5). The database I am guessing will be no more than 8gb. Software windows server 2003 enterprise and SQl 2005 standard (both 32bit unfortunately as sage don#%92t support 64bit). We will hopefully at some point be putting in a second small sql server for some access control software as well. We are putting in a second small server so that the sage has full reign of the server. Would I be able to setup database mirroring on the second server for the sage server in case of failure?

    I apologise in advanced if this is a stupid question
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    sorry just notices wrong forum
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    Yes the database mirroring is possible in this case provided the mode you want to choose for the databases on your SQL server.
    Ensure to select the required databases on the DB mirroring as it is pertained to databases only and not for whole server.

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    Thanks satya
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    I want complete database mirroring setup with screenshots.. can some one please help me on this...very urgent...

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