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Day specific reports

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by jastone, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. jastone New Member

    I have a report that I want to do an iif for the day, so that on monday, the background is green, but the rest of the days are red, can i do that?

    something that would take this psuedocode and make it work
    =iif(datepart(day) = "Monday", "Green", "Red')

    Joe Janka
  2. simondm New Member

    You can enter the Iif statement into the format properties for the cell/text box. The datepart function requires two input, the part and the date to take it from. I think RS will accept "DW" as the part - though this will return 1-7 rather than the text day.

    Hope that helps!

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