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Db creator server role

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by suniljk7, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. suniljk7 New Member

    Dear all,
    I am facing an issue i have a user with dbcreator server role. My server i have set a size and some other setting on model db. Now this user with dbcreator trying to create a db, it says there is not enough space to create new db as the model db. why is this? how can i slove the issue. this dbcreator user have acces to model db also. there is enough space in the disk also.. please help me this is urgent.
  2. moh_hassan20 New Member

    Give that user access read/write on the storage of the server he use from within security of NTFS

  3. suniljk7 New Member

    He has already access to the server storage, when i tried with default model db he can create..no issue on that.. this happened when i set size and some dboptions on the model db. i have given db_owner rights for model db, but still this error happens.. i tried on my dev server also the same behavior. how can i solve this? please help me this is urgent..
  4. moh_hassan20 New Member

    Can you write script and execute it within ssms (not using GUI)
    i simulated your case:
    - I created user1 (sql authentication ) with server role: dbcreator only
    - the user1 is public for model database (not db_owner)
    - i login with that user "user1"
    - I created T-SQL script to create database test and executed within ssms as user1
    The database is created without any problem

  5. suniljk7 New Member

    Thanks for your response, In the above case the db will created, even with GUI we can create db no probs in that.. now the issue comes when you set size on model db, change the size to something other than default, and then try to create a db then it will through the error.
    Waiting for your reply

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