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DB/Datawarehouse, 2000/2005 , Chicago

Discussion in 'SQL Server-Related Job Postings' started by simas, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. simas New Member

    We are starting to look for the potential person to join our database team and specialize primarily in datawarehousing and business intelligence for the company. The technology most likely to be used is SQL 2005, a combination of upgrade/rewrite/redesign of the existing datawarehouse project, data sizes are starting from 200-300 Gb of data and expecting to hit a Tb within a year. Currently the project is in planning stage so you can affect the direction and choices. Location - downtown Chicago . Interested?
    Email me using the address in the profile, mention sql-server-performance (so I do not delete the message using outlook rules confusing it for spam) - to anyone who emails to me I promise to answer (even if negative).

    Thanks, here is more formal position description that is likely to go to Dice/Monster

    This position would join Data Services team responsible for design, development and administration of technical solutions using SQL Server databases, concentrating on datawarehousing and business intelligence. Reporting to Data Services Manager you will work with business and technology users to create technical requirements, design and develop datawarehousing solutions, support and maintain internal database applications using SQL Server 2000/2005


    žParticipation in system and design reviews for database and datawarehousing applications to ensure all data standards are met.
    žAssist with the design, development and testing of business intelligence applications using SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 technologies.
    žUnderstanding of relational database principles, system tuning, performance monitoring, database maintenance for datawarehousing solutions
    žDevelop, enforce, update and roll out best practices for all data-centric tasks and deliverables.
    žWork closely with Product Management on all reporting-focused product initiatives. support both product and project initiatives
    žGeneral database administration tasks as required.
  2. ranjitjain New Member

    Can you post about rough renumeration and post opening for all or only within U.S. Citizens.
  3. simas New Member

    Thank you Ranjit, I will try to answer the questions
    The position expecting a mix of technical skills with some understanding on business - a lot of work would be together with business users from requirements , through design and into implementation and support. because of heavy interaction, person should be available to work from office in the loop. I am not aware of citizenship restrictions - if you are authorized to work in the country without sponsorship procedures (green card,etc), drop a line and we will talk to you.

    (not really sure that "rough renumeration" means - are you speaking about salary? open within reasonable limits).

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