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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by mastersql, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. mastersql New Member

    Hi sir
    I have one coloumn in table where i have integer value in Decimal for example 1.45454, 1.758758 something like that
    I want to present it into my report I don't want to changw its format in table but irequired that when I create a report then this
    value must be show in round figure so there is any option in SQL Server Business Intelligence to do so
    Please reply
    Ever Smiling
  2. martins New Member

    Hi Ashish,
    Formatting within reports in Reporting Services is a very basic concept, and one you can easily pick up by working through the tutorials and books online. It will be of great benefit to you if you rather work through some tutorials or books to grasp the basic concepts first before asking someone in this forum.
    I'm not trying to be unhelpful but the purpose of this forum is not to teach people the bare basics of the product.
  3. mastersql New Member

    But Sir I asked that question from these Forums because I can't get a appropriate result from tutorials and I required these thing urgently in my report
    But I am Sorry when I did anything wrong
    Ever Smiling}
  4. martins New Member

    Tell me what query you are using to get the data from your data source, and what you have tried to get the results you need. Maybe we can then figure out why it is not working like you need it to.
  5. mastersql New Member

    I have two columns as
    Sale ----------- Sale_in _Bottles
    566 ------------- 45.56554
    456 ------------ 45.26544
    365-------------- 32.536
    125 ----------- 12.5
    It is just a example Sale_in_Bottles containing a Some Formula so I think when any column containing a formula
    we don't able to round the figure of that coloumn. May be I am wrong please tell me when anything this is poosible
    otherwise I required when I show these two field in my report then the colomuns Sale_in_Bottles don't show a figure in decimal
    it means it must show a figure in round.
    I think you must get my point
    Thanks for any sought of help
    Ever Smiling
  6. martins New Member

    Two things you can do:
    1. Round the numbers in your query to the data source. Read about the ROUND function in Books Online. You can also use the VB.Net function in your column properties to do this.
    2. Set the properties of the column in your report to display no decimals.
  7. mastersql New Member

    2. Set the properties of the column in your report to display no decimals.
    Sir I can't get any property in column filed where i have to put no decimals can you please tell me where i have to put no decimals
    Please sir
    Ever Smiling
  8. martins New Member

    If you right-click on the field in your table (report design view) and go to properties, there should be a format section where you can choose "Number" and the amount of decimal places.
  9. mastersql New Member

    Thank yov very much sir
    Actually I want to say onething that sought of things when you try to search in internet or any tutorial it takes a much time. So thats why I ask that sought of questions in this forums and when you don't like that then I always try that I don't put question in the forums
    Ever Smiling
  10. satya Moderator

    There isn't any criteria here to say we don't like such and such questions.
    The motive of these forums are to share the knowledge and help the users (on Voluntary basis), moreover the beginners should take some time to visit the old threads by searching on the forums in addition to referring to Books online. If we take a baseline there will many questions that will talk about same problem due to the intention of the originator for not to search the old threads with similar problem.
    We all are aware that searching or learning through tutorials will take some time to learn, but be better to test the things you have learned and then be specific about your questsions here to get optimum answers than "asking you to refer the Books online".
    Hope this helps.
  11. mastersql New Member

    Sorry Sir
    In future I must be remember this and firstly try to online helps and old threads
    anyways thanks very much for helping me
    I really thankful to all the members of SQL Server Performance
    Ever Smiling

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