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Do You Have a Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    I am starting to see what I think is a worrying trend amongst database administrators. I am not sure if it is me but there appears to be fewer and fewer people who want to take on the role of a DBA. As a result more and more people are taking on the role of the 'Accidental DBA'. In other words, the person that did not duck quickly enough lands the role of the DBA. This person is typically a developer or system administrator that needs to fit being a DBA amongst their other day-to-day tasks.
    In the last week I have heard two stories of organisations with very large databases that were being managed by a part-time DBA where an issue has occurred that needed a restore to be performed. The problem in both instances was that there was no valid SQL Server backup to recover from. As a DBA there is no excuse for not having a valid backup to recover from, as a backup is your closest thing to a 'get out of jail free' card. Or as a good friend of mine would say 'a backup is the most important arrow in the DBA quiver'. Are you an 'Accidental DBA' and if so how do you manage to ensure that you have valid backups whilst managing your other tasks?
    - Peter Ward

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