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DTS Troublshoo need help

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by k_ashish2002, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. k_ashish2002 New Member

    Need help in troubleshooting the DTS. The last night I execute the package from DTS--Local Packages. Generally it takes around 12 hrs. Now in the morning when I logged in the server, I am not able to see any execution of DTS. Could you please help me to troubleshoot that how to check the status of DTS, wither its running or what happend.....

    Ashish Kuriyal
  2. Punyabrata New Member


    r u executing the DTS by job schedule?
    if so then view job history
    or...if u have enabled logging of DTS packags then check the [package logs..] for detail
    where u will find 4(success) and 0(running) for status.
  3. k_ashish2002 New Member

    Are u sure about that. Because if I check the Log then there are lot of entries of the Last version in the single DTS which shows status as 4. So are the steps still executing...

  4. k_ashish2002 New Member

  5. Punyabrata New Member

    it may be in the condition of 4 with RED X MARK...meaning failed
    or 4 with BLUE TICK MARK.....meaning step completed successfully
    or 0...menaing executing
  6. k_ashish2002 New Member

    OK great. Thanks a lot. Is there no entry similar to this in MSDB databases's tables
  7. k_ashish2002 New Member

    Is it possible to stop those steps which are not required and showing as executing status in different logs of same version of DTS...


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