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Dynamic Connection in FTP is not working

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Integration Services' started by Hrishi_nk, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hrishi_nk New Member

    I have a requirement in which files will get copied from various FTP location s.The problem is my FTP servername/username and password are dynamic.
    To acheive this I created a Execute SQL task in which it gives me a result set of serverip/username/password.
    Then in Foreachloop container i am passing those serverip/username/password.
    And in my FTP connection manager i have set dynamic connection using expression ie @serverip+":21."[email protected]+"."[email protected]
    But it is failing with error Could not connect using FTP connection manager.
    And Im ensuring that the file exist at the FTP location using a CLR function.If the file exists only then the package will execute.
    And also my remote location at FTP is dynamic.
    And i also tried dynamically setting ServerName and UserName property of FTP connection Manager
    using expressions.
    Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.

    Warm Regards,
  2. satya Moderator

  3. Hrishi_nk New Member

    Hey hii thanks for a quick reply.
    I solved my problem by creating a new useraccount and password.
    And its working fine now with the above process.
    But the problem which i found with my previous username and password was that the password was containing a " , "(comma).
    I guess it was becoz of that.
    Is there any way to handle special characters in password while using expressions or is it a issue related to account credentials.
    But the user i was using was having admin priviliges
  4. satya Moderator

    You can handle those special characters based on the quotes within the expression that you provide, what language you are using to provide the information in that ForEachLoop container?
  5. Hrishi_nk New Member

    hey i am just taking the result set of ExecuteSQL task in a object variable.
    And in ForEachLoop--->For Each ADO enumerator im reading that object
    And in paramater mapping i am storing the values in the variables .
    And in the FTP connection manager im dynamically setting it using expression s

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