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Enterprise vs. Standard Edition and Mirroring

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring' started by Tre, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Tre New Member

    Hi, I am setting up a mirroring session between a clustered SQL 2005 Enterprise edition, and a non-clustered SQL 2005 Standard edition. I would like to utilize the high performance option, but I see that it is only available for the Enterprise edition. If my principal is Enterprise edition, can I still utilize the high performance option with a mirror that is on SQL 2005 Standard edition? I am in a time crunch and hoping to avoid an uninstall of SQL 2005 std and reinstall of the Enterprise edition. Thanks for any advice.
    I'm a relative newbie, so please don't assume much
  2. thomas New Member

    Both the principal and the mirror should be the same edition, I believe. you don't need to license the mirror.

    For high perf mode both definitely must be EE.
  3. Tre New Member

    Thanks for your reply Thomas. I had hoped to utilize a separate server for my mirror. Please let me know how if the following scenario seems like a legitimate solution.
    I have a clustered instance of SQL 2005 on Windows 2003 servers. I would like to create a downtime (standby) copy of my production database for view only use for an application that was developed by a vendor.
    Could I mirror my production database to a copy of the database on the same instance, on the cluster? The database would obviously need a new name, and would have to utilize a different port for TCP. I could store this copied database on a different drive that is setup on our SAN so I am not sharing the same disk for it. I believe the cluster would build in enough hardware redundancy. When I need to modify my production database with scripts to update the application, I could easily switch over to my standby database to allow view only and to minimize downtime.
    As I mentioned before, I am rather pressed for time. I am sure management would not be happy about springing for an additional Enterprise license, and the server I had targeted to be my mirror is also used for testing with another database.
    Thanks so much for your advice.
  4. thomas New Member

    No, mirroring has to be to a separate instance. Could you not use backup & restore, or possibly database snapshots? Or possibly replication.
  5. Tre New Member

    Backup and restore would take too long. The software is used in a clinical setting, and I really need the latest transactions available in the copy, with an absolute minimum amount of downtime. Mirroring would allow them access to the latest transactions.
    Perhaps I could create a second instance on the Production SQL 2005 cluster, then work the mirroring through that. Would that be a possible alternative?
    Thanks again, Thomas.
  6. thomas New Member

    That's a possibility, but a mirrored copy is in recovery all the time and cannot be accessed at all (can't even be backed up). The only thing you can do, is (and this needs EE), is to create snapshots of the mirrored copy.
  7. satya Moderator

    If you need mirror server for reporting purpose the you could setup another mirror server without disturbing the current one.

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