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Euan Garden events on SQL 2005 in UK

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by satya, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. satya Moderator

    Group Events: Euan Garden (SQL 2005), 12th July; 29th June, CLR & XML

    Euan Garden event - 12th July; attendees will have the chance of signing up for the SQL Server 2005 June CTP and the extensive Resource kit DVD which is packed with SQL Server 2005 information.

    Don't forget we have Mike Taulty presenting on the 29th June on CLR and XML (giving a DBA tint on it).

    I'ts planned that Live Meeting will also be available for part of the 29th and for all of the 12th July for those who cannot attend in person - more details will be on the site this Monday.

    The user group evening events are extremely popular and well attended. They are a great opportunity to meet and network with other SQL professionals, whether its finding a new job, a SQL problem driving you up the wall or want advice for your next SQL project - come and join us!

    The meetings are free, you don't need to be a member but it would be nice if you where so i can gauge numbers for the day.

    29TH June :: CLR and XML in SQL Server 2005
    Mike Taulty,
    Developer Evangualist,
    Microsoft UK.


    17:30 Networking

    18:00 Q & A Round table: bring your SQL problems and hopefully somebody in the community can help.

    18:30 CLR
    In this session we'll look at the new integration of the Common Language Runtime in SQL Server 2005. We'll look at what can be done with CLR code written in C#, VB including writing procedures, functions, triggers and extending the type system of SQL Sever with User Defined Types. We'll also take a look at how these new capabilities are represented, diagnosed and managed inside the database and guidance around usage of these new features.

    19:30 TBA

    20:00 XML
    In this session we'll look at the new XML capabilities of SQL Server 2005. We'll talk about the new XML data type in terms of how we can make use of schema, how we can query and modify XML and how we can index it. We'll also cover the additions to the "FOR XML" syntax from SQL Server 2000 and how SQL Server 2005 can offer native web service support directly from the database.

    20:45 Event finish.

    More information/registration

    12TH July :: SQL Server 2005 The Home Stretch
    Euan Garden,
    Group Program Manager,

    Come and see/learn about the final changes going into SQL Server 2005, including the new upgrade support and tools, enhancements to reporting and the management tools. The session will include a large amount of time for SQL Server 2005 open discussion driven by the audience topics.


    Registration will commence at 17.45.

    Seminar starts at 18:15
    Break 19:30
    Seminar recommences 19:45
    Seminar concludes 20:45

    More information/registration

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