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Failover not happening

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by satya.sqldba, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. satya.sqldba New Member

    I tried doing a failover in a cluster which has 2 nodes and the second node in the cluser was now able to handle the resources for some reason. SQL would run only on the first node in the cluster but not the other.
    I looked in the Event Viewer for error messages when I initiated the failover and the below messages are logged into it oen after the other. can someone suggest me what needs to be corrected here?
    · Clusterservice is shutting down because the membership engine failed to arbitrate forthe quorum device. This could be due to the loss of network connectivity withthe current quorum owner. Check yourphysical network infrastructure to ensure that communication between this nodeand all other nodes in the server cluster is intact.
    · Clusterservice was halted to prevent an inconsistency within the server cluster. Theerror code was 5892.
    · Thecomputer account for Cluster resource '' in domain na.corp.ourdomainname.com couldnot be configured for the following reason:
    Unableto decrypt resource data
    Thetext for the associated error code is: The remote procedure call failed.
    TheCluster Service Account may lack the proper access rights to Active Directory.The domain administrator should be contacted to assist with resolving thisissue.
    · Clusterservice could not join an existing server cluster and could not form a newserver cluster. Cluster service has terminated.
  2. satya.sqldba New Member

    It was an issue with the disk driver not being set correct and the WIndows group corrected it for us

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