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Find active node via fn_virtualservernodes...

Discussion in 'Contribute Your Performance and Clustering Tips' started by Haywood, May 18, 2006.

  1. Haywood New Member

    So, I had to write a script today to grant localserver users access to a clustered dbserver. This presents an unusual situation, as the SQL VIP does not expose the correct servername for adding a local login. You cannot use @@SERVERNAME on a VIP to get the active cluster node....

    So I wrote this whole big convoluted script, submitted it and five minutes later figured out that fn_virtualservernodes returns the active node as the first node in the list.

    So, handy dandy tip for ya...

    If you need to know the active node of a SQL cluster, query fn_virtualservernodes and whichever node it returns first is most likely the active node. I say most likely, because I have not had time to test it to 100% assurance. But I did failover several times and this was the behavior noticed.

  2. AlekKirstein New Member

    This is from bol:
    active node net name:SELECT
    CONVERT(varchar(150), serverproperty('ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS'))
    or for the cluster name:SELECT
    CONVERT(varchar(150), serverproperty('MachineName'))

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