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Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by mkmathi, May 5, 2006.

  1. mkmathi New Member

    if i run the below sql statement in Query analyzer
    select 2967.0000 +1.1480 +217.7942

    it's giving


    the same field i am formating to currency in Reporting services report, there i am getting $3184.79

    i am losing nearly 2 dollers.

    if any one faced same problem before please kindly point me the solutions.


    Thanks & Regards
    Mathivanan K
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  2. sunilmadan New Member

    It seems the output from Query analyzer is correct as far as arithmetic is concerned.


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  3. sunilmadan New Member

    Seems the second value : 1.1480 is being missed out in Reporting services report as this is exactly the difference if you take precision upto two digits


    "Its nice to be Important, But its more important to be Nice"
  4. smy New Member

    At the reporting services report,
    drag in the field to a textbox then right click on the textbox, choose Expression

    Edit the expression:
    ="$" & Format(sum(Fields!YourFieldName.value, YourDataSetName),"##,###,##0.00")

    and you should be able to get the correct result..

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