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    SQL Server 2000

    32-bit version


    You can install SQL Server 2000 32-bit version on x86 hardware

    OR on x64-bit hardware Intel (Xenon with EM64T) or AMD64 (Optron, Athlon).

    It will run in WoW64 emulation mode and you will need SP4 minimum.

    NOTE:32-bit version of SQL 2000 is NOT designed to be installed on Intel#%92s IA64 hardware.
    Use SQL 2000 IA64 edition for this.


    32-bit versions of Widows Server 2003 SP1

    X64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003 running on x64-bit hardware.

    Here, SQL 2000 will run in WoW64 emulation mode.

    For other supported OS (Windows 2000 etc.), please refer to system requirements for SQL 2000 in Books


    Service Packs

    The latest service pack available is SP4, with roll up build of 2187.

    NOTE:If you want to install SQL Server 2000 32-bit on x64 hardware running x64-bit Windows Server 2003,

    then you MUST to install SP4 (2187 build optional).

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