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get modified date of .csv file

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Integration Services' started by arkiboys, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. arkiboys Member

    the ssis package loops through a folder using a foreach loop container and imports the data inside each .csv file into the database.
    Now I would like to add the functionality to first check the modified date of the .csv file. If it is NOT today's date then the package should fail or go to error.
    Any thoughts how to do this please?
  2. satya Moderator

    You could take help of CLR Procedures here, by writing a code in VB or .net to findout the modified date of source file, not sure you might check http://www.sqlis.com for more information.
  3. dineshasanka Moderator

    You can use SSIS script components
    I can send you a sample if you send me a mail to dineshasanka@gmail.com
  4. arkiboys Member

    If it is ok, please paste a copy here.
    Many thanks
  5. dineshasanka Moderator

    I can't copy and paste here as I am going to send an sample SSIS pacakge for you. Send me the copy of the CSV as well if u wish to

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