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getting error while generating SqlServer2005 Repor

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by reddi, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. reddi New Member

    i am trying to create report model using report model wizard ,
    getting error like:
    Entity 'Table name' must have at least one Identifying Attribute

    what was this error ..? how could i slove this error..?
    could any one help me on this.
  2. Madhivanan Moderator

    I think the Table fields might have been changed after you design the report
    In Crystal Reports you can do Verify Database option
    See if there is same stuff in SQL Server Reporting also


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  3. Reddy New Member

    Can u pls check ur table in the database and the one using in ur report to be same. Do u have any PK on your table?

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  4. reddi New Member

    hi there
    i didn't changed any table fields after design..
    it has primary key ..
    if i pick one or two table with reated that table (PK anf FK) inot getting any error
    if i pick all the tables related to that particular database then i am getting this kind of error..

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