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GIS Data Types in SQL Server 2008

Discussion in 'Greg Larsen's Blog' started by Greg Larsen, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Greg Larsen New Member

    SQL Server 2005 has some new GIS data types. How many of you are GIS savvy? Well I’ll by the first one to admit that I don’t work with GIS data. But I am starting to look at SQL Server 2008 and trying to encourage our GIS guy to look at the new GIS data types within SQL Server. Today the Redmond Magazine has an article where John Baleja, senior product manager at mapping software provider ESRI says “…will be easier integration with other applications, more security and possibly better performance.” Now as I already said I know very little about GIS data, but this statement by an ESRI management type would lead me to believe that have GIS data types in SQL Server 2008 might be a big deal, a good thing, and something worth looking at. When I told our GIS guy about this article, the GIS data types, and suggested he might want to look at how SQL Server 2008 might support storing his layers of GIS data he said something like “I must not have enough to do if I’m thinking how SQL Server 2008 will support GIS”. I see these new data GIS data types as an opportunity to determine if we can leverage SQL Server 2088 to better support our existing environment. I’m interested in hearing your comments about the new Spatial Data types in SQL Server 2008. Will these new data type really make your environment more security, and provide a boost in performance for your GIS data stores? For you GIS types out there do you see value in migrating your GIS data into SQL Server 2008?
  2. Sandesh New Member

    Hi Greg, Actually i am looking for developing GIS system. But I was totally unaware about how to proceed... I just googling GIS and found your blog can you help me or can you show me the path that How to proceed???or Can you give me some URLs where I can get related information..???You help is appreciated.....Thank you in advance.From your blog I got one thing that I can use SQL Server 2008 to store my map data...
  3. Greg Larsen New Member

    Wish I could say I've used the GIS features in SQL Server 2008, but I haven't. At some point I will be evaluating these features, or have our GIS guy evaluate them. At that time I might have some more information for you.Greg

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