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Hard Month

Discussion in 'Please Tell Us What You Think' started by Luis Martin, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Luis Martin Moderator

    January was a hard month, without Satya.<br />I know Brad and Gaurav are around looking and helping, so others members.<br />But, January Merit belong to Twan. He did a great, great job. <br />I would like to have more English to say what I want.<br />Thanks Twan[<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />].<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Luis Martin<br />Moderator<br />SQL-Server-Performance.com
  2. bradmcgehee New Member

    Thanks to both Luis and Twan for their help in January.

    Brad M. McGehee, MVP
  3. Twan New Member

    Thanks guys, both for your thanks and for your continued support/effort too. I love this site!


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