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Having trouble relocating Active Directory database

Discussion in 'Windows Server Forum' started by coastalcruiser, May 8, 2011.

  1. coastalcruiser New Member

    I have an existing 2003 server that has the AD database on a different partition for several years (D:NTDS), but I wish to move the database back to the default location under c:windowsNTDS.However, when I boot into Directory Services Restore Mode (with F8), I am unable to log on.
    I am using valid credentials that work fine normally, but don't work when booting into this safe mode. This is a single domain controller. I thought perhaps I needed to log on a a local user, but apparently there is no such thing on a domain controller.
    Why can't I log on??thanxjim
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    What was the error you are getting when trying to log on?
    Do you have any local security policy on the server restricting such an action?
  3. coastalcruiser New Member

    There is no error per sey. I simply get the standard message when you login with an incorrect user name or password (even though I am using the exact same credentials I use when booting normally.
    I am not sure about the local security policy. Not too familiar with how they work. Can there be a policy in place that would distinguish between normal boot and safe boot (directory services restore mode)???

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