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Help on Quest Spotlight use needed

Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by vladimir_sim, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. vladimir_sim New Member


    Recently, I am evaluating a copy of Quest Spotlight on my development
    system in order to try to find some bad SQL code.

    However, I can view the blocking/lock session SP briefly before the screen
    will not show any data. Those blocking/locking session screen will be empty.
    Is there any document or articles to guide me how to use it ?

    In addition, with the information from spotlight, how do I go about
    using the information like those SP that cause locking/blocking to
    good use or tune my SP ?

    Anyone that have use it, pls kindly advise and guide me.
    Thank you

  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    I know my English is no good, but I answered your question few days ago. Please read:


    and if you need more information, I would like to help.

    Luis Martin

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