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how can we see these details ???

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 T-SQL Performance Tuning' started by jagpalsingh4, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. jagpalsingh4 New Member

    Hi ,
    will u plz tell me that how can we see all this details from query or just tell me in which table i can go for these details
    current Date ,Session,current time ,cpu utilization,locks,disk space ,database space ,current sql run ,no.of gets,date write ,date read
    i have query to see detail of database size getdate but i dont know how to see other details and i have query to see all locks as well but i dont know to how to see other details
    use master GO
    select getdate () as Date,@@servername as servername, name ,size*8/1024 as size_MB from sys.master_files;
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    Kindly don't duplicate posts.

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