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How-to and easy way to install SQL Server client tools to your desktop

Discussion in 'Other SQL Server Blogs around the Web' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2010.

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    The installation process for SQL Server has been changed since 2005 version. In addition to SQL Server 2008 release that process has been fine tuned to deliver the required tools &amp; services to install with a number of new options and resources for completing the installation, just for simplification. The installation process may not be the same in an enterprise network as you follow on your personal desktop or laptop. In case of restricted access and privileges to install required tools, in this...(<a href="http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/tools/archive/2010/11/30/how-to-and-easy-way-to-install-sql-server-client-tools-to-your-desktop.aspx">read more</a>)<img src="http://sqlserver-qa.net/aggbug.aspx?PostID=9760" width="1" height="1">

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