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How to convert mySQL to msSQL with SSIS, using SQL Server 2005???

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Integration Services' started by jarrodr, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. jarrodr New Member

    I have a msSQL DB and want to convert some tables/DBs to mySQL... How do I do that using SQL Server 2005?
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    About SSIS I have my doubt.
  3. djordaan New Member

    Are you trying to go from SQL Server to MySQL or the other way around? Your subject and body is showing opposite issues.
    If you are going from MySQL to SQL Server, then yes, you can use SSIS. Let me know if this is what you want to do and I will give you the steps.
  4. jarrodr New Member

    I want to use "Joomla", but since it's opensource it only uses mySQL not msSQL. So to make use of Joomla I need to convert some data that is in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, I need to convert it to mySQL. Please could you help...
  5. dineshasanka Moderator

  6. jarrodr New Member

    thanks alot Dinesh, you helped me before so your word is good.:)

  7. sadev New Member

    i want to migrate my database from mysql 5.0 to sql server2005, I read that i can use SSIS but i don`t know how, can you help me please?
    I am a beginner in databases.
    thanks in davance.
  8. dineshasanka Moderator

    1. Create a linked server with above link.
    2. Use OLE DB SOurce to get from MySQL
    3. Use SQL Server Destination to write them to SQL Server
  9. sadev New Member

    thanks for your reply, i will try and give you the result.
    thanks again
  10. Shumaker212 New Member

    When ever i migrated my database i use dbload, last year when i migrated mysql to mssql by using this tool, i found it very easy and simple and u can find it on google, so i recommend you this is tool take a look at this tool.

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