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How to move Reporting services 2000 instance from serverA(2000) to ServerB(2000)

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by gary, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. gary New Member


    We have a production default sql server 2000 instance database engine along with reporting services installed on the same same server.The reort server and reportservertempDb also on the same default instance.Now, we need to move this entire database engine and reporting services to ServerB(SQL server 2000).To achive this, we installed New sql server 2000 default instance on serverB and moved all the databases,logins,jobs.Now How to move the reporting services to serverB from production server?

    I did not find any document for this task to achive. Could you please put steps together to do this task?

  2. satya Moderator

  3. gary New Member

    Thank You,
    Here one thing I did not understand. Please clarify me. In ServerB, do we need to install the reporting services or not?
  4. gary New Member

    i followed the above links and I did the following
    1.Install reporting services in New server.
    2.Delete the ReportServer n ReportServerTempDb and restored the ReportServer n ReportServerTempDb from Old Server.
    3.run the following command at a command prompt on the computer that is configured as the report server:
    RSConfig -c -s Server name -d Reporting Services database name -a Sql|Windows -u User name -p User password
    4.Backup the encryption key in old server using
    RSKeyMgmt.exe -e -f Path of file name -p Strong password
    5.Stop the IIS in new server
    6.Restore the encryption key in new server that we have backed up in old server
    7.Start the IIS
    8.Then i went to the IIS->default website->reports->browse, I got the below error
    This edition of Reporting Services does not support web farm deployment. (rsInvalidRSEditionConfiguration
    We are using Reporting services 2000 standard edition.
    what are the steps do I need follow to accomplish this?

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