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How to transfer images from ORACLE to MSSQL 2000?

Discussion in 'General Developer Questions' started by ks9072, Sep 11, 2003.

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    I have Oracle Database with Images, How to get the Images from oracle and put them in mssql2000, any tools for this
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  3. ks9072 New Member

    Hi Gaurav,

    Nothing in that DOC about the Images

  4. dktiger New Member


    There a document file related w/ subj.

    Microsoft SQL Server implements binary large objects (BLOBs) with text and image columns. Oracle implements BLOBs with LONG and LONG RAW columns. In Oracle, a SELECT command can query the values in LONG and LONG RAW columns.

    In Oracle, UPDATE and INSERT commands are used to change values in LONG and LONG RAW columns. In SQL Server, you can use standard UPDATE and INSERT statements, or you can use the UPDATETEXT and WRITETEXT statements. Both UPDATETEXT and WRITETEXT allow a nonlogged option, and UPDATETEXT allows for partial updating of a text or image column.
    The UPDATETEXT statement can be used to replace existing data, delete existing data, or insert new data. Newly inserted data can be a constant value, table name, column name, or text pointer.
    The WRITETEXT statement completely overwrites any existing data in the column it affects. Use WRITETEXT to replace text data and UPDATETEXT to modify text data. The UPDATETEXT statement is more flexible because it changes only a portion of a text of image value rather than the entire value.

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