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Iam able to see DTS package in Query analyzer,but not in Enterprise manager why ?

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by sqldba_ind, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. sqldba_ind New Member

    Iam working in Production,Today I got alert Job failied
    JOB suppose to run today It ran and got failed
    see the code in Job "dtsrun /S <srvName> /U <user> /P <passwd> /N <schedule_job_name>"
    I search for job in SRVNAME server(enterprise manager) I did n't find any job such name.
    But I quried at Query Analyzer I find that Job "SELECT distinct name FROM sysdtspackages where name ='schedule_job_name' "
    what may be the reason
    Please help me regading
    Thanks in Advance
  2. sqldba_ind New Member

    Sorry you guys I am wrong,I am looking into Job location.that is reason I did n't find DTS.

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