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Idera SQL Safe report issue - alerts to be cleared or avoided, please help.

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Chandhra, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Chandhra New Member

    we configured IDERA SQL Safe for backups and restores.
    we setup an email for notifications.
    one day we performed manual backup operation for 150 databases from SQL Safe tool
    Unnoticed it backed up to C:\Backup folder.
    We got alerts with the report of backups on C: drive. Then we moved backup files to respective folders.
    But, I couldnot clear the records from the report, its been 25 days, still we are receiving the alerts as below.
    How can I clear this report or help me if to configure or setup anything to avoid this, in future as well.

    Below is the sample records from the report. I need this report to be cleared.

    Subject: SQL Safe Validation Report

    The following files are recorded in the SQLSafe repository, but no longer exist in their locations:

    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_GroupEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_InsightEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_IMEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_SiteEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_SiEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_ICEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_vdbEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe
    C:\Backup\LUXOR_DB_M_SEPF_Diff_201402050045 (1 of 1).safe

    - Win
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  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!.
    Did you try with Idera support?

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