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install fails creating full-text resource

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by coldlatte, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. coldlatte New Member

    Hi, currently involved in trying to breathe life into a broken SQL cluster.
    Cluster is two servers, active/active, running 2003 server, with SQL 2000 SP3a.

    An encryption setting was turned on and one of the SQL instances 'broke' (this all happend before I got involved so a little light on details there)
    Since then various attempts to restore the cluster from back (both OS's & quorum drive) and re-install SQL have been made. Utilmatly it all comes back to the SQL install failing when the resource for Full-Text search is being created, the SQL install fails at this point & is rolled out. All other parts of the SQL install are sucussful, but get rolled out when full-text fails.

    The error logged is described exactly in this MS KB article (296890)-
    However the account being used for sql services is called 'sqlservice' which dosn't have any spaces!

    Is it possible to install SQL on a cluster without full text search? I have found procedures on how to fix or add it later, but it is not an option to skip install of full text search during a custom install.
    Dose anyone have some other suggestions on why the install is failing & how to get around it?

    At the moment we seem to be about a day away from giving in and starting from scratch! Good thing it's not in production...


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