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Installing an extended SP

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by Kristi, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Kristi New Member

    Hi all!

    I want to install an extended SP onto my active/passive cluster (namely this one:http://anmar.eu.org/projects/ctnhashproc/)

    I read that you need to install it on a 'shared disk' in a cluster otherwise it won't work if the cluster fails over.

    Would I just need to do something like this, where D: is a drive on the SAN that belongs to the current active node.

    USE master
    sp_addextendedproc 'xp_ctnhash', 'D:SomePathxp_CTNHashProc.dll'

    Also, are there any other things I have to be aware of before installing an extended SP onto a cluster?


  2. satya Moderator

    I;m not aware of any issues in using these extended SPs in clustered environment at my end.

    Satya SKJ
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  3. FrankKalis Moderator

  4. sainidaljit New Member

    you need to intsall the extended stroed procedure to both of the base nodes to keep it working when failover happens.

    Thanks N' Regards

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