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internet window application with a central database using vb.net.

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  1. gupta.usha78 New Member

    Hi,I made a window application in dot net 3.5.and publish it. I used sql server 2008 as a centralize database. My application is run India,London and Pakistan.Database is in India. Form is load very slow in London and pakistan when fill the from with record from database.I made connection string in app.config.Please Help me.
  2. FrankKalis Moderator

    Welcome to the forum!
    You're asking a broad question without giving any details. Can you please provide more information about what happens between client and database during form load?
  3. gupta.usha78 New Member

    Thanks FrankKalis.I made a back office Software in vb.net 3.5. I used sql server 2008. This software is flight reservation system. That retrieve PNR from GDS and fill all detail in Booking Card Form. I save all information save in Centralize database over internet. When user open Booking card or any other form whose fill from database then it take lot of time when software run other country i.e UK. Database server is another country i.e India. I made also web service for sql database connection.But application speed is so so slow. Please guide me how i handle database. can i put virtual database in different country and all updation make in centralize database. it is possible and how?Please give help me. Thanks in Advance.
  4. mmarovic Active Member

    Are sure the problem is the database? What is network architecture between db and the client, what is network capacity/speed? My first wild guess is that you might transfer too much data for your connection to handle it faster.As mentioned, we need to have much more info to be able to troubleshoot the problem.
  5. satya Moderator

    I would agree with above comments that it could be a network latency issue, when you don't get similar problem on the site where database is located.
    Further you can think about MERGE REPLICATION setup where the data can be updated at multiple sites and merge all the changes into one location. Replication is very useful when you are in this scenario where application requires set of tables to function.
  6. gupta.usha78 New Member

    Hi Satya,Thanks a lot for reply. Please guide me which replication i use for inserting,updatimng and deleting records.Thanks in advance.
  7. satya Moderator

  8. mmarovic Active Member

    Since it is flight reservation system, I think merge replication could be option only if data could be partitioned by site from which database is accessed. I guess it is not the case. However, replication is one possible solution, but more probably replication of reference data from India to SQL server residing in local network in UK. Other possible solutions are: improve network speed, redesign app to reduce amount of data passed between network boundaries, do not use chatty web service, introduce caching of reference data on application side/web...
  9. satya Moderator

    Usha Gupta
    On a second thought I see that the tele-communications and broadband has been improved on a greater scale within the geographical area where your primary servers are located, so I believe this is best time to begin the capacity planning & scalability exercises for your application.
    Also I believe you are a Developer and performance tuning related artciles can help you to accomplish the required levels on application, have a look at 'Articles' section and forum questions on this site for more information
  10. gupta.usha78 New Member

    Thanks is Advanced.
    I have used merge application by VPN Technology.. But Dta transfer is not successfully. My database Logfile size 6.46 GB. Please Advice me how i can solve my problem.
    Thanks Again
  11. satya Moderator

    If that is one-off job then you have to reduce the log size to managable and uset the DTA transfer process, try to shrink the log file.

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