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Job Schedule every 1.5hrs or 90 mins

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Niranjan Bhat, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Niranjan Bhat New Member

    My questions is in SQL SERVER 2008 R2 ->SQL Server Management Studio -> SQL Server Agent -> Jobs
    i have created a job which needs to be executed every 1.5hrs or 90mins.
    while creating schedule for this job :
    New job Schedule -> Daily Frequency -> (I selected)occurs every:
    after focus release from text box time automatically shifted to 60mins
    if i select hour(s) and in textbox 1.5
    after focus release from text box time automatically shifted to 2 hrs
    I need to create a schedule to execute my job every 1.5 hrs or 90mins.
    please help me out for this problem....
    Thanks and Regards
    Niranjan Bhat
  2. Trev256b Member

    interesting - have never seen anyone go for 90 mins before - strange it doesn't cater for it - what is ur job for? consider going for every 30 mins or creating two schedules one on the hour and one at 30 mins past the hour and schedule so the result is the jobs run every 90 mins!!! workarounds but be careful two jobs don't create a lag or inconsistent state to your needs.
  3. Luis Martin Moderator

    I suggest to ask Microsoft for that. Using sql 2005 you can run each any number of minutes (I've tested that).
  4. kapaleeswar New Member

    I would see its been fixed in SQL server 2012. am able to do it for 90 min.

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