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July 17, 2008

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    Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it had acquired the Israeli company Zoomix. Zoomix is a database semantics company that specialises in data cleansing and linguistics and how these can be used to ensure data quality. Although acquisitions are nothing new for Microsoft, this one will directly affect future versions of SQL Server. In the press release, it was announced that Zoomix would become part of the SQL Server data platform to provide customers with a manageable and scalable enterprise-class data quality solution.
    One of the current areas of weakness in SQL Server is around data quality. Although there are tools available in SSIS such as Fuzzy Grouping and Fuzzy Lookups, these tools do not compare with the tools available with other DBMS platforms and those supplied by third parties. It will be interesting to see when and how Zoomix will be integrated into SQL Server. I think this acquisition further communicates the fact that Microsoft is serious about ensuring that SQL Server is a complete data platform for all data management needs.
    - Peter Ward
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