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July 22, 2008

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    It does not matter what you do in life, there are always comprises that need to be made. At the moment I am looking to purchase a new house and it is a perfect example of compromise. If money were no object then I am sure that it would be possible to buy the newly renovated waterfront property with all of the mod-cons. However, I need to decide, do I want a waterfront property that needs to be renovated? or do I buy a property several streets back from the water that is already renovated?
    When you configure a new server you are often faced with the same dilemma; however, instead of having to choose a location you need to choose between disk, memory, and CPU performance. In an ideal world, each server would have 64GB of RAM, 32 processors, and the fastest storage possible. However, for most organizations budget constraints force a compromise to be made that might reduce the overall performance of the server. For example, rather than purchasing 15K RPM drives you may need to use 10K RPM drives. So do you have any Golden Rules that you use to ensure that the compromises that you make in server configurations ensure the maximum performance?
    - Peter Ward

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