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LiteSpeed backup - Does not detect that job fails

Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by Nina, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Nina New Member


    I am using LiteSpeed 2005, clustered SQL Server 2000 SP4 on Windows 2003 Server.

    If I backup the databases to a local drive on the server and the job fails the result will be set to failed - so that is fine. But when I backup the databases to a network drive, the job does not detect that the backup fails? Does anybody know how you can ensure that a backup to the network (converted from SQL backup to a LiteSpeed) detects failures correctly?

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  3. satya Moderator

    I believe its best to get in touch with Vendor in this case, they are good at it.

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  4. Nina New Member

    Spoke to the vendor and it is a bug in this version of LiteSpeed. There is no workaround so you will need to upgrade the product and to get that you need to have a maintenance agreement.

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