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Log Shipping - Cannot see back up files

Discussion in 'SQL Server Log Shipping' started by maximus_vj, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. maximus_vj New Member


    I just configured Log shipping with Primay, Seconday and Monitor servers. In my Monitor Server I see that my Primary and Seconday are in sync. And I can also see Backup History and Copy/Restore History.

    But the problem is this:
    I can see the trans backup file on teh primary in the backup folder. But I cannot see the backup file on teh secondary server any where. From what i read this file should be copied to the Secondary Server. Am I correct?

    Can anyone throw some light on this.
  2. rlahoty New Member

    I have noticed one thing. Whenever you get a log backup file on primary server, it doesn't copy the file to the secondary server immediately. Instead, for the first time, it creates a .tuf file and when this is done, the file is copied to the secondary server. From then onwards, whenever .tuf file is updates, the file is copies to the secondary server. So wait, till .tuf file is created or updated.

    I don't know if we can control the creation of .tuf files in anyway.

    -Rajeev Lahoty
  3. maximus_vj New Member


    I did search for .tuf files on my primary Server and I don't have any. Is this file created in the Back up folder?

  4. rlahoty New Member

    Yes, the file will be created in the backup folder. For me, it got created after around 15 minutes after my first transaction log was created.

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