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Log Shipping Copy Fails

Discussion in 'SQL Server Log Shipping' started by chetanjain04, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. chetanjain04 Member

    The log shipping copy job shows as successful but it does not copy any files. I figured out that the startup account of SQL Server on primary is getting locked out.

    A Local account with the same name and password exists on the primary and secondary servers. I havent changed any password recently. I would like to find out why the account is getting locked suddenly.

    I know resetting password and restarting the services should solve my problem. However, I would like to know if there is any other possible way out. Also, if someone can explain the causes of the same.


  2. SQLDBcontrol New Member

    Hi Chetan,

    A local account with the same name and password on both servers won't help. The account's security identifiers (or NT Token) will be different.

    You need to use a domain account for your services and provide that domain account permissions on the secondary server to the relevant folders.

    Hope that helps,

    Karl Grambow

  3. chetanjain04 Member


    It has been working for me till now and also it is mentioned in the Ms documents that either the same domain account or a local account with same name and password can do the pass securtiy.

    I have currently started copying the files manually till I get a down time to restart the service. Any ideas from the gurus out there, how should I proceed after that??



  4. satya Moderator

    What is the size of the database to copy and restore?
    If you can manage that before getting to the time of outage then restart the services with a database restore, then continue the log shipping as usual.

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  5. chetanjain04 Member

    This is just for reference.

    Finally I got a downtime and everything went smoothly. Till this time, I managed by copying the files and thus keeping standby in sync. Thereafter, restarting the services after resetting the password. While the files were getting manually copied the status of last copied was not getting updated in the log shipping monitor. Hence, I was only worried abt whether the copy job would resume successfully after the restart. It worked.!!

    From what I observed was that the copy job expects all the transaction log backups since outage to be present on the disk. If any files are missing then it fails.



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