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Log Shipping Error Urgent

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by niteshaggarwal, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. niteshaggarwal New Member

    I am facing problem in Log shipping ,
    2012-06-29 15:15:00.55 Copying log backup files. Primary Server: 'GGN_RACKSERVER2', Primary Database: 'ORBITSYS_ANALYTICS_MAIN', Backup Source Directory: '\\\TranLogs', Backup Destination Directory: 'D:\TranLogs'
    2012-06-29 15:15:00.59 *** Error: Access to the path '\\\TranLogs' is denied.(mscorlib) ***

    2012-06-29 15:15:00.70 *** Error: Could not log history/error message.(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.LogShipping) ***
    2012-06-29 15:15:00.70 *** Error: Procedure or function sp_MSproxylogshippingmonitorerror has too many arguments specified.(.Net SqlClient Data Provider) ***
    2012-06-29 15:15:00.70 ----- END OF TRANSACTION LOG COPY -----

    above error is coming in Secondry server in LS Copy job history , '\\\TranLogs is primary server shared folder so kindly help me. its ugrnet

  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    Before that error, all was working ok?

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