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Discussion in 'SQL Server Log Shipping' started by raagi2000, Dec 5, 2005.

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    1. We are setting up the standby server using log shipping. we are on the sql 2000 enterprise sp3. we followed the document exactly how it says to configure like running sql related services both primary and secondary in the domain account , creating linked server etc. the maintenance plan created the necessary jobs in both server to backup the log , copy backup file and restore it. it happens once in 15 minutes. Surprising all the log shipping related jobs are successful but there is no data copied to stand by server. otherwise it is not doing log shipping. the error log is clean. hope i am missing something here in the setup. any suggestion would be appreciated.

    2. Second issue is there was a existing log shipping going on for years but in the last few days it was "out of sync" , apart from the timestamp when the last t/n log restore failed ,is there any way to find out which log should we start applying (starting LSN etc) ...

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    I've moved to relevant forum.

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    Refer the KBAs & other related articles abotu log shipping:

    Also you need to check the privilege of SQLAgent account on the both primary and secondary SQL servers, check event viewer log for more information on any network related issues.

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